Customize LED / LCD Display

In the modern world advertising has taken a new turn. With LED/LCD displays you can now advertise & promote in a large scale using the same space a billboard or hoarding would use. The difference is that while a billboard is limited to a static image an LED/LCD display can be programmed to showcase a multitude of images, videos while using sound as well. This gives you a large advantage when it comes to promotional campaigns. Aclatic’s LED/LCD Solutions are end to end, helping you create, fix & remove LCD/LED Displays to your maximum advantage. These screens can be used not only for advertising, but also to make concerts, functions, conferences, meetings more dynamic & interactive. The best way to describe these giant screens is as a large TV which can be used to display what you want, when you want, wherever you want to. So make the maximum use of modern technology & invest in your own LED/LCD Display from Aclatic!