Facebook Introduces 360 Photos

Facebook has introduced photo uploading decades ago. Each an every day people keep uploading hundreds and millions of photos on Facebook from fun pictures to major life milestones. Facebook has introduced something which is more impressive and fun for all the users around the globe.For the first time Facebook has come up with a fun update where you can share 360 photos on Facebook. You can simply use that by using your mobile phone which is supported with panorama or you can simply download the apps like Panorama 360, Camera 360 from Google Play Store or App Store.360 photos can be easily identified  in your News Feed: by looking at the compass icon in the right hand side corner of the photo. Explore the 360 on your mobile by clicking  that   image and moving your  phone or on your personal  computer by dragging the photo.  You can share this fun moments with your friends. From hiking to a wedding ceremony.Not only on your mobile phone or your personal computer you can also view it through Samsung Gear VR. Simply click the VR and connect it to your mobile and phone. Place your mobile in the VR and experience the fun environment.

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