Twitter for Android gets updated with a night mode option


Twitter which has come up with a new update, all new night mode where your twitter time line turns out to be a nice look for your eye. Tiny black letters against a largely white background on a backlit screen is not something that anybody would want to stare at for too long in the dark, even at low brightness levels. People who were actually struggling with the white background at night has a new feature where you can turn on the night mode and start reading or tweeting at night.Twitter has joined the nightclub for Android with a sleek and beautiful dark ash blue shade background which has ditched the white background and has reduced the strain for your eye. Only if the toggle night mode was automatically at a certain hour, and the feature is missing for IOS app. It might change in the future.When you have the option, do you opt for dark themes, or do you just stick with the white theme. Tell us in the comments below











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